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Struggling to organize your thoughts into content?

Finding difficult to create Infographics for your blog post?

Lacking creative content curation skills?

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    Why Plug-Edit Bundle?

    In any digital content,

    TEXT CONTENT takes the 50% of the Credit and

    INFOGRAPHICS & ICONS takes the remaining 50%.

    I'm sure, you will agree with me.

    Hence wanted to help fellow Content Creators by sharing this Plug-Edit Content Creators Bundle.

    What's in the Plug-Edit Content Writers Bundle?


    1500+ Unique Content Writer's Templates

    1500+ Infographics related to Content Marketing

    1000+ Unique Icons for Business Marketing

    (This is just a Trailer List)

    • 12 Agenda Templates
    • 50+ Variety of Title Templates
    • Awards templates
    • PMO related Background
    • Marketing Pros & Cons
    • 55 Types of SEO Banners
    • Business Marketing Cycle
    • Business Marketing Process
    • 35 Business Marketing Proposal
    • 42 Business Marketing Strategy
    • 27 Types of Checklist Templates
    • 7 Chain of Items
    • Circular Process
    • 16 types of Country Charts
    • 4 Comparison Templates
    • 53 Corporate Presentation Template
    • Column Type Status Template
    • Row Type Status Template
    • Do's & Don'ts Templates
    • 2 Conclusion Slide Format
    • 37 Creative Alphabets / Numbers Slides
    • 40 Diversified Business Timeline Templates
    • Customer Journey
    • Customer Funnel Templates
    • 22 Dashboard Templates
    • 14 Data Flow Infographics
    • 43 Different Types of Charts
    • 16 Gantt Chart Templates
    • 7 Types of Goals
    • Key Figures
    • Key Highlights Format
    • Key Points Format
    • Laptop Infographics Templates
    • Financial Templates
    • Business Idea Tree Templates
    • Smartphone Infographics Templates
    • Door to Success
    • Matrix Table Status Report
    • Content Pillars Templates
    • Product Mock up Templates
    • Business Rating Infographics
    • Product Features Template
    • Human Infographic Charts
    • 65 Types of Process Steps
    • 10 Business Roadmap Templates
    • Team Org Chart Templates
    • Planning Stages Format
    • Marketing Core Areas
    • 12 Business Pyramid Templates
    • 40 Proposal Templates
    • 4 Scrum Charts & Status Slides
    • 2 Survey Results
    • 3 Sticky Notes Templates
    • SWOT Analysis Templates
    • 5 Marketing Vison & Mission Format
    • 19 Marketing Resource Template
    • 10 Relationship Infographics
    • Digital Resume Templates
    • 1000+ Business Icons
    • 10 Social Media Infographics

    Productivity is the key for success in any role.

    You can make this 1500+ Bundle into 3000+ Bundle using your own creativity as it is 100% Editable and Formattable.

    Unleash your creativity with MIX & MATCH.

    What People Say about

    Amazing collections related to Content Marketing. Everything I need to create instantly. It would cost me 5X the amount outside. Appreciate Lashmi for her effort to build this Content Creator's Bundle.
    Krishna Kumar - Content Writer, Blogger

    Being in business development, presentation is part and parcel of my career. Content Creator's Bundle by Lashmi is truly outstanding. It would take a lot of effort to search online. Since it is all consolidated and categorized, it is easy to find. Hats off to her thoughtful product.
    Poonam Nair - Business Marketing Manager


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